Growing up a multi-sport athlete, all-state high school soccer player and recruited to play at the collegiate level; Brendan faced deep rooted mental health issues ever since he was in Middle School. To say that he woke up to the awareness that mental health is as important as physical health is an understatement.

Hardships and struggles continued to wreak havoc on his life. Brendan reached a new low when he realized that he must make a change. After years of depression and anxiety dawning on him, he began to speak out to others and research and implement new ways that he could become healthy. 

Brendan is now graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a Civil Engineering Degree. His focus remains to be within  Site/Civil design and Environmental Sustainability. A special thanks to his Father for incorporating hands on learning in my life ever since Brendan was a child.

Brendan's current projects include Co-Founding MetamorphUS, hosting the Mental Insights Podcast, and spreading his experiences and knowledge to those that can benefit from them. 


"Brendan is the gold standard of our interns - simply the best one we've ever had work here from any institution. He fits into both the learning and social culture very naturally, while always asking great questions that illustrate his inert knowledge of the subject matter but a confidence to want to understand it better."

- Stephen Garvin

President of Samiotes Consultants, Inc.



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