about brendan 

My name is Brendan Cutuli. I am a twenty-two year old male devoted to making a positive change within our society. I always felt passionless and unaware when I went through my childhood. Through relationships and experiences, I was guided into being a mindful leader who is seeking more than job security and shelter. 

My childhood was filled with sports and entertainment with my family and friends. I grew up with everything one may need to live sufficiently, yet I still felt lost. There was a thought continually pulsating within my brain that I was not good enough. No matter how much love and care I was given through family and friends, I pushed the limits of hating and mistreating myself and my image. 

As I rode the roller coaster into the depths of my life, my mind awoke realizing that I am in control through the helps of remarkable humans: Jason Silva, Gary Vee, Tom Bilyeu, David Goggins, Mark Metry and more. I would not be here today without the loving support and guidance of my family of five that has continuously inspired and motivated me to become the person I am today.

I am currently graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a degree in Civil Engineering. My concentration thus far has been within Water Main Replacement, Stormwater Management, Septic Design and Water/Wastewater Treatment. I aim to provide valuable knowledge to the field of sustainability in Environmental Engineering.

MetamorphUS is a mental health organization that I co-founded alongside Mark Metry, to reduce the impact of mental illness worldwide. Our aim is to provide free and accessible resources to those who struggle with their own mental health.

The Mental Insights Podcast is a platform I have begun to create awareness within the fields of mental health, drug addiction and homelessness. These are three fields that are near and dear to my heart, in which I want to create sustainable change within. This podcast will provide interviews, challenges, and resources on such topics that will open your eyes to what's happening around the world. 

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