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Kristi Horner is the founder of Courage to Caregivers, a non-profit whose mission is to support and guide those who are supporting a loved one through...

EP#16: Kristi Horner

Guy Iacono is a LCSW for Minding Your Mind and the founder of the Clean Living Community. Guy shares his own story of his mental health journey...

EP#15: Guy Iacono

Dr. Brandon Barile is a student affairs professional who focuses on personal empowerment and emotional intelligence for children and young...

EP#14: Dr. Brandon Barile 

Deepak Shukla is an SEO consultant from London, who has experienced mental health, drug addiction and homelessness in some form through his own...

EP#13: Deepak Shukla

Eden Gold is a body image and self esteem coach, who recovered from an eating disorder and mental health challenges at a young age. She is a devoted...

EP#12: Eden Gold

Matt Wray is a hometown friend of mine, who I grew up with throughout my younger childhood days. Matt and I grew up with most a child would want, yet...

EP#11: Matt Wray

Donna Liddle is a transformational life coach and clinical hypnotherapist based out of Durham, United Kingdom. We speak about our journey into the...

EP#10: Donna Liddle

Sheina Schochet is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the states of New York and Florida. Sheina focuses on the topics of shoulding, relationships...

EP#9: Sheina Schochet

Mental insights podcast

Host: Brendan Cutuli

Mental Insights is a conversation aimed in understanding all sides of mental illness, drug addiction and homelessness. Each interview will include a personal story or expert within one of these fields. The goal is to promote awareness, guidance and support for anyone who is affected by these challenges.


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