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Kelli Reese was the CEO of a multi-million dollar organization, when she realized that she wanted to align herself with her spiritual path. Kelli left her position to...

EP#8: Kelli Reese

Carly A.K.A Miss Fit Carls on Instagram is a bodybuilder, coach and conquering sobriety one day at a time. Carly faced many hardships as she grew up as a teen...

EP#7: Carly Minton

Plugged In Recovery is a project that Wade Muhlhauser began aiming to provide a community for those struggling with drug addiction. Wade offers...

EP#6: Wade Muhlhauser 

William Jiang was the library chief at Columbia Psychiatry. He is now a bestselling author of more than 70 books surrounding mental health. William faces...

EP#5: William Jiang

Nancy Pickard is an integrative life coach that helps her clients find the challenges in their lives and create them into positive achievements. She leads...

EP#4: Nancy Pickard

Ryan used his first hand experiences to learn his true purpose of guiding other's through their life, whether its through addiction, mental health or life's...

EP#3: Ryan Kitchen

Dale focuses on leading and coaching young adults to a more positive, healthy lifestyle. She created a program called Crush College Stress that leads young adults...

EP#2: Dale Troy

Joe Mintzer is a man dedicated to leading others through drug addiction and life's challenges. Joe is a commendable person who sheds light...

EP#1: Joseph Mintzer

Mental insights podcast

Host: Brendan Cutuli

Mental Insights is a conversation aimed in understanding all sides of mental illness, drug addiction and homelessness. Each interview will include a personal story or expert within one of these fields. The goal is to promote awareness, guidance and support for anyone who is affected by these challenges.


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