• Brendan Cutuli

A Small Town On The Hill

Day 43 (October 17th): It was a fast ride to Nyon from Bern on the train. I arrived at the train station in Nyon to realize that I didn't get directions to my hostel, given I didn't buy a SIM card. I found a local hotspot for WiFi and found my way towards the hostel. I checked in to the hostel and settled my belongings in my room. I made a sandwich in the dining room with the leftovers I had from Bern.

I walked down the hill from my hostel towards the center of town and Lake Geneva. The sky was drizzling rain down, which actually felt pretty spectacular. Everyone was tucked under umbrellas, as I was embracing the rain onto my hair and face. I went to the grocery store to grab some more items for the next few days of my stay.

I packed up my food in the fridge before I started a load of laundry in the hostel. It had been quite some time since I cleaned some of my clothes during this trip. I hung out in the dining area to eat some dinner and work on my laptop while I waited for my clothes to dry.

Total Distance: 5.1 miles

Day 44 (October 18th): I rolled my way out of bed to head downstairs to the dining area to eat breakfast. I had no plans of what to see for the day and went on my way to walk around the area. I was walking towards some monuments but there were no walking or crossing paths on the road. I changed my direction and headed towards the center of town to see some parks.

I walked through a park that had some pretty views of the Lake. There was a cemetery perched up on the hill that I swung over to see. It was beautiful with gorgeous scenery all around the area.

I was pretty hungry and didn't pack any food today. It was mid afternoon and most places in Switzerland shut down their kitchen before dinner. I hadn't realized this so I walked around and found a spot attached to a hotel that was open. I had steak tartare with a salad and french fries that was absolutely incredible.

I walked back to the hostel to relax for the night. I made a sandwich in the dining area and sat on my computer for a bit of the night. I watched some UFC fights that were going on this night and sat in my bed.

Total Distance: 6.8 miles

Day 45 (October 19th): Waking up early to pack up my stuff and eat breakfast, to walk to the train station in the pouring rain was exhilarating. It was a 20 minute walk to the train station and I believe every cm of my clothing was caught by the rain. It was only a 15 minute train ride to Geneva before I had a bus ride to Innsbruck. I walked around Geneva for a bit by the harbor before heading to the bus station.


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