• Brendan Cutuli

A Beautiful Old Town

Day 22 (September 26th): We arrived in Krakow off the bus and had a quick commute towards our apartment that we rented. We unpacked all of our stuff while we heard the smoke detector going off every minute. It was clearly the batteries that were dead within the system, which was attached to the wall in the bathroom.

I went to go fix the system before realizing that the cap would not twist off as all should. After some time trying, one twist too much pulled some of the drywall from behind the smoke detector. I withdrew my will to try to fix this as I was going to contact the host in order to not damage anything severely. As I did, one of the co-hosts heard the alarm and came by to fix it. Turns out there was glue stuck within the system so it wouldn't twist and he ended up ripping the system off the wall anyways. (All is good and well with no extra charges)

We went to a Middle Eastern restaurant about 800 ft from our place to grab dinner. I was given a colossal amount of food being hummus, chickpeas, vegetables, and bread for my meal. Needless to say that I finished the whole meal besides the extra side of jalapeños that I got; the one surprise you'd come to find out!

Total Distance: 2.2 miles

Day 23 (September 27th): I woke up with a great sleep in my lofted bed within our unique apartment near the Old Town of Krakow. We cleaned ourselves up before heading to a local breakfast spot to start the day off with a good meal. I ordered a cappuccino with french toast, fruit and jam, which satisfied my taste buds immediately.

We walked through Old Town to see some of the old churches, buildings and streets within the area. We stopped to people watch for a bit in the city center with a Waffle wrapped around ice cream and whipped cream. We were relaxing before we had planned to go kayaking along the river in Krakow.

Little did we know the advertising online that the season was open turned out to be false. With the sadness of no kayaking anymore, we walked alongside the river to view other neighborhoods of the city. We sat down right by the water for a while about a mile away from the Wawel Castle.

We had to go to the bathroom, which costs money in Europe, so we walked back to our apartment. We sat and ate pretzels and hummus over some conversation of school, relationships and more. Poland has been a nice change of pace from the constant thrill of moving from one place to another.

Total Distance: 9.2 miles

Day 24 (September 28th): After a well needed rest overnight, I woke up to journal and post on my blog while drinking tea. We checked out of our AirBnB and headed on over to the Cat Cafe. Yes a cafe where cats walk around and hang out while you have breakfast.

We walked around the Old Town again to get some fresh air and see some other perspectives of the parks around the area. We hopped from cafe to cafe to relax for a bit and decompress from walking with our heavy bags. We then found a place near our bus station where we were able to grab a Margherita Pizza. Then onto an hour and a half bus ride towards Oswiecim (Auschwitz).


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