• Brendan Cutuli

A Breath of Fresh Air

Day 59 (November 2nd): After some issues with making a bus from Plitvice Lakes, I arrived in Zadar in the late afternoon. I had a short 10 minute walk over to my AirBnB for the next two nights. I checked in with the mother of my host and settled myself into a small, quaint apartment.

I headed out by the water, which was only about a 100 feet or so from the apartment. I walked along the boardwalk on the beach, as others were sat upon benches. I enjoyed the water view for a bit before turning into the city to see some of the buildings. I found my way to a grocery store, which ended up being nearby my AirBnB.

I walked back to the apartment around the middle of the night to cook some food after a long travel day. I made some pasta and ground beef again, as most stores only have these ingredients that are open later in the night. I filled up on some carbs before resting my legs for the night.

Total Distance: 5 miles

Day 60 (November 3rd): I slept in a bit as yesterday was exhausting and caught up on some excitement that happened back in the states, UFC 244. I cooked up some eggs and sausage to start the morning off right. As my hunger never ceases to amaze me, I cooked up a frozen pizza minutes later to continue my feast.

After I filled up my stomach with food, I went back to the waterside to see more of the Adriatic Sea and Islands nearby. I planned to go to one of the islands today but the wind was fairly heavy so I decided against it. There was walkways all along the water that I followed until the edge of the city.

I continued along the edge of the walkway, which brought me to the marina of the city. I viewed an area filled with large yachts before making my way to smaller, local boats. I sat upon a bench to view the marina with the Old Town in the background.

This brought me close to the Old Town within the city where many of the churches and monuments were. I slowly walked my way through the center and viewed some of the remains. I walked back through the Old Town on my way to my apartment.

I heated up leftovers from the previous night for dinner along with some snacks I had. I watched some sports and a movie on TV while relaxing for the rest of the night. I got into bed early for a restful sleep before an early day tomorrow.

Total Distance: 5.1 miles

Day 61 (November 4th): I started my morning off early to cook eggs and sausage before checking with my host's mom. I walked to the beach to relax for a bit before my bus later in the day. It was windy but sunny by the water while I took time to reflect on my travels thus far.

I felt a small drizzle and wasn't trying to get caught in the rain so I walked over to the bus station. Sure enough it stayed beautiful once I arrived at the bus station. I sat on a bench and met a woman who was from Vancouver, Canada. We chatted about our travels, cemeteries and meeting others. We said our farewells as she went on her bus and I went to sit out by the curb in the sunlight. Onto Split!


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