• Brendan Cutuli

A City Fortress

Day 66 (November 9th): It was a 3 hour bus ride along the coastline through mountains and hills of Croatia. I arrived in Dubrovnik in the late morning and it was cloudy as I stepped off the bus. It was a beautiful walk along the marina and hills of the city. It took about 45 minutes to reach the Old Town of Dubrovnik, as I stepped my way up the streets to a hostel I had researched. I waited minutes past the check in time and no one was at the reception desk. I called up the number on the door and they stated no one would check in guests until 5/6 pm, as it was only 1pm currently.

Unfortunately, as I ended the call it started to pour out in the Old Town so I stuck under cover to find a new hostel. As I made my walk towards a new hostel, the streets were flooding with water and my feet were inches deep in puddles. I climbed my way up the street to arrive at my hostel soaking wet.

The rain stopped so I went to walk around the Old Town and see the city a bit better than before. I walked by the water and the wind was so rough that the waves were crashing over the walls. After seeing parts of the city, I went to the Taj Mahal to experience some Bosnian cuisine.

I ended up meeting some great people from the US and Canada in the common area of the hostel. We all sat together and chatted for a good bit of the night. Some of us ended up watching the UFC Moscow Fight Night for part of the night as well. I ended the night chatting with a few roommates before heading to bed.

Total Distance: 5.3 miles

Day 67 (November 10th): I slept in quite late because I was up late watching the fights and talking with my roommates and hostel mates. I rolled out of bed to take a shower and make a peanut butter and nutella sandwich. I packed up my backpack and headed towards the city walls to see the Old Town from above. It was quite an expensive ticket but the views were gorgeous this day.

After a few hours atop the Old Town on the walls, I walked to a fort next to the Old Town. The views were spectacular as you felt so high above the city. It was a very peaceful day walking around the city and seeing the old architecture while jamming to some tunes.

I stopped at a sandwich shop close by to grab lunch before heading to a park. I sat on a bench to eat my sandwich while staring out into the Sea. Then I walked around the park for a bit, seeing dogs running around together.

I went back to the hostel to nap because I was exhausted from the sun. After a great nap, I found Pizzeria Tobasco that was a few minutes outside of the Old Town. I grabbed a delicious pizza with salami, ham, mushrooms and garganzola cheese. I walked on back to the hostel to relax for the remainder of the night.

Total Distance: 4.9 miles

Day 68 (November 11th): After a great night's rest, I woke up to eat a peanut butter and nutella sandwich to start my day. I packed my bag for a day's hike towards a further park along the city's area. I walked along some pathways through some neighborhoods and woods around the coast. I headed into the city's port to stop at a grocery store for some food this afternoon.

Then I started my walk up a paved path to the top of the park. I arrived at another communication tower that unfortunately didn't have any view of the water or city. I found a bench lower along the path that overlooked the Adriatic Sea. I also noticed a lower hill that had some paths throughout the tree line.

I climbed down this hill to find some paths through the lower end of the park. There was a hidden path to some rocks overlooking the water, where I stopped to eat some food and reflect. I then found a hiking trail that climbed up vertically fairly well. It was peaking this smaller hill along the park and coast. It had spectacular views over the water and cliffs nearby.

I continued my hike through the forest before arriving back into some neighborhoods. This one street had a great view out to an Island off Dubrovnik's coast. I slowly made my way to a park closer to the Old Town, where I planned to watch the sunset. I sat for a while viewing the sky change colors beautifully before I spotted my roommate Tiffany doing the same thing. We chatted for a bit viewing the sunset before walking back into the Old Town to our hostel.

After relaxing for a bit, I went out into the Old Town to find some food for the night. I found a place that had quick bite foods where I grabbed some BBQ wings and fries. I ran into a friend who works as a river guide at the Grand Canyon and we chatted while eating dinner together. We then walked back to the hostel and went our separate ways for the night.

Total Distance: 9.4 miles

Day 69 (November 12th): I woke up pretty early in order to pack the rest of my items into my bag. I made a sandwich in the morning before leaving with Tiffany to grab a bus to the main bus station. We arrived at the bus station and I bought a ticket to make our way towards Kotor. Our bus arrived thirty minutes late, which had us worried for a bit. Especially because the company was Croatia Bus, who was the one that never showed while I was in Plitvice Lakes. But we headed our way to Kotor, Montenegro.


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