• Brendan Cutuli

A Diverse City

Day 28 (October 2nd): We made it to our hostel after some traveling to meet our host Yedai in the neighborhood Friedrichshain. He was a generous guy from Spain, who was hosting others in his apartment as well. We settled our things into the room and took off outside to find some dinner. We walked around the streets for a bit before finding a place for dinner. We were so exhausted that we headed back to the apartment to relax and sleep.

Total Distance: 4.5 miles

Day 29 (October 3rd): We slept in a little later than normal because of our long day of travel yesterday. We had some food to start our morning before going out for the day. We walked around to see many of the monuments in the city: Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, Soviet War Memorial and much more.

It was Unity Day in Berlin so there was a carnival going on in part of the city, which lasted for the weekend. All banks were closed down for the day, along with other corporations. The City had much going on throughout the day and everyone was joyous enjoying their day. We grabbed some loaded fries from a food truck at the Unity Day celebration before going to the Reichstag Building.

Then we walked throughout some parks after the Reichstag Building to check out other neighborhoods within Berlin. We walked along the Spree River on our way back from the park, heading back towards our AirBnB. After getting us a bit lost on our way to the tram (given I have no WiFi), we stopped for some coffee to warm up and relax. Then Gabby navigated us back to our AirBnB by tram and a short walk.

We hung out at the AirBnB to journal, listen to music and chat with family/friends while we relaxed. Then we felt pretty hungry so we checked google for some local places to check out. I found Machete Burrito which was fairly close to our place so we made the walk over. It was a relaxing establishment with a gracious worker who provided chips and guacamole and delicious burritos to cap off our night.

Total Distance: 10 miles

Day 30 (October 4th): Gabby and I woke up a bit early to get ready and plan our day out. We figured out our plans before eating some pb+j's to start our morning off. We took the tram towards the city center to see some monuments and museums for the day.

We walked to Checkpoint Charlie, which is a major checkpoint that was in place during the times of East/West Berlin. It was one of the most known checkpoints at the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.

While Gabby stopped in a store, I found an exhibition outside that spoke about the Berlin Wall and its use / the tragedies that occurred. I was not nearly informed about the severity of the history of the Cold War until reading more about this exhibit. There was such a large divide between Berlin and unfortunately many tried to cross the border who experienced the "shoot to kill" motive of border guards.

We then headed to the Topography of Terror museum, which speaks about the Nazi Regime with their history and motives for WWII. Before stepping into the museum, there was an exhibition about the Warsaw Uprising that we glanced at. It was interesting to learn different perspectives on how this was told, given we read a lot about it at the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Warsaw a week prior.

We took a few hours to step into the Topography of Terror museum to learn all about Nazi Germany: their leaders, motives and actions throughout WWII. All I can say is that it was extremely eye opening to learn about such hatred and demise that started in Germany and the Soviet Union.

After this history lesson, we headed to a Dominican restaurant to eat a late lunch while it was pouring outside. I had a spicy sausage soup along with a chicken wrap, which were both quite tasty. After building some thick skin, we headed towards the tram through the pouring rain. We relaxed in the AirBnB for the night to plan out our future travels.

Total Distance: 4.5 miles

Day 31 (October 5th): We ended up planning our travels separate ways so this was our last few hours together. We said goodbye to each other as she was headed to Nurnberg, while I was going to Leipzig. I packed my bags and went to a cafe nearby because I had an afternoon bus to Leipzig. I had the most delicious breakfast at this cafe that included: salad, yogurt, jam, fruit, hard boiled egg, meat, cheese, and bread.

I headed off to a park to relax after my delicious breakfast. I sat and listened to music before taking the train to the bus station. I still had a few hours so I walked to another park close by the bus station. It was a peaceful neighborhood park, where I watched a couple and child play with a remote controlled airplane.

On to a two hour bus ride to Leipzig!


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