• Brendan Cutuli

A Diverse Coastal City

Day 61 (November 4th): I touched down in Split and walked my way along the water through the Old Town towards my hostel. I settled my things in my room before making my way into the city center. I had some issues with taking out cash with my bank so I had to figure out some solutions to this issue to pay for my hostel.

After getting my hostel squared away, I was hanging in my room before I was chatting with my roommate. She was from Sydney, Australia but has been living in Split for a handful of months, along with coming here for the past 5 years. We walked around the city for a few minutes before she gave me directions to a local restaurant.

I told her that I wanted a hefty meal for a good price in order to fill up my stomach well. She recommended a place called Fife, where I ordered a salad and pasticada with gnocchi. Pasticada was a house speciality meat in sauce, that was delicious. I walked around the harbor side and the Old Town before heading back to the hostel for the night.

Total Distance: 5.6 miles

Day 62 (November 5th): After a good night's sleep, I changed and headed to a local park next to the hostel. I started my walk and found a bench overlooking an inlet into the Adriatic sea. I ate some yogurt and hard boiled eggs while relaxing on the bench.

Then I walked up to the summit of the park where there were viewpoints out into the Adriatic Sea. I found a few benches tucked away that were spotting out to some Croatian Islands. I sat down to snack on some food. I slowly walked my way down the park on the other side towards the city.

I walked through the city to view some of the streets before heading back to the hostel. My roommate asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with a bunch of hostel mates and another hostel's visitors. We all went out to grab dinner together at a local restaurant. This was quite the eventful time, chatting with some ignorant and kind folks. I spoke with a man who was hellbent on his opinions, devoted to statistics as an IT worker, yet didn't provide factual stats. I chuckled my way through the conversation and left to go out with some friends from Australia, Canada and the US.

Total Distance: 7.4 miles

Day 63 (November 6th): I woke up fairly late because we were out late last night chatting about travels, politics and life. I got myself ready to head to a market close by for breakfast and lunch items.

I went to the park I was at yesterday to hike some more. I ate yogurt and hard boiled eggs at the same bench overlooking the marina. I then climbed up to the summit to eat some snacks at a bench staring out to the Croatian Islands.

I noticed a path moving towards the edge of the peninsula, where I followed up to another summit view. I hiked through some woods seeing small forts before coming to a communication tower, where there was a bench to sit. There were some great views all around the park towards the inlands coast and islands in Adriatic Sea.

I climbed my way back to the park's summit to walk towards the Old Town. I walked down a new way, which arrived at a small street through a neighborhood. It was a small, steep street that had great views out into the city.

The rest of the night I relaxed in the hostel to pack my bag and eat some dinner. I ate some leftovers and snacks that I had bought. I met some another woman from Australia who was traveling abroad for some months now.

Total distance: 5.2 miles

Day 64 (November 7th): I finished packing up my bags after showering to prepare for my bus to Makarska. I said goodbye to all my hostel mates before walking to the bus station. I bought a ticket on a bus leaving within 20 minutes that was heading to Makarska.


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