• Brendan Cutuli

A Medieval Old Town

Day 34 (October 8th): On the bus ride to Nurnberg, we stopped to drop some off at a pull over off the highway. I thought the man and woman coming onto the bus were looking for seats but they were scouting the passengers. Sure enough two minutes later, they eyed some passengers that they checked ID's and thoroughly searched their baggage. It felt pretty uncomfortable as one man's full bag was rummaged through and wasn't helped putting his clothes and food bag into his bag.

Nevertheless, we made it to Nurnberg as it was raining fairly hard. Again, I forgot to do my due diligence of the directions to the hostel so I extended a 7 minute walk to a 30 minute one in the rain. I embrace the challenge and made the best out of my adventure through the rain. I checked into the hostel and met my roommates. One was a man named Paul who was from Nigeria but moved to London with his family. Unfortunately he couldn't find a full time job in IT in London, so he moved to Nurnberg for a full time gig to pay his families bills.

After chatting a bit and getting dressed for the rain, I went out into the town to sightsee some of the churches and streets in the city. It was a cloudy and misty day in the afternoon and night but it felt so refreshing after a long bus ride. I did loops around the city, crossing the river and walking through many cobblestone streets. I found a Turkish Kebab place nearby the river that I stopped in for dinner. I had a dish called Uberbaken which was basically meat, peppers, pasta and cheese; frankly quite delicious and filling.

Total Distance: 6.9 miles

Day 35 (October 9th): After a terrible night of sleep due to my roommates in my hostel, I slowly made my way to get up. My roommates were farting, snoring and making every noise imaginable on their phones or by themselves. I ate some yogurt and granola before making some pb+j's for the day.

I planned to view two parks throughout the city for the day and see some more of the monuments as I walked back through the city. The first park, Stadtpark, was spectacular. It has a fountain in the center and lots of walking paths around it. I sat on a bench for a while to meditate and listen to some music. I snacked on a pb+j and drank some water before moving on to the next park.

Afterwards, I headed towards the city center and stopped at the Nuremberg Castle. It was atop the hill with a beautiful view over the city's center. There was a park close by that was along Pegnitz river. I sat to smoke some of my cigar before slowly walking back towards the hostel.

I met my new roommate from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Zhenja, who was traveling around Europe to see some friends. We chatted for a bit to learn more about each other before taking a nap to rest a bit. Then we walked around the city before stopping into a local Mexican place, Chilli's, to eat dinner. We grabbed a great dish that was two tacos, a burrito and salad for a decent price. We walked along cobblestone streets back to our hostel to hang for the night.

Total Distance: 13.5 miles

Day 36 (October 10th): Another night of annoying hostel mates that kept me up from snoring but that doesn't phase me. I packed up my bags and ate some breakfast to start the morning. I headed over to the train station to head to Augsburg, to find out that my train was delayed 30 minutes. Patiently waiting until I can leave!


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