• Brendan Cutuli

A Nature Filled Port Town

Day 64 (November 7th): I arrived in Makarska after a 2 hour bus ride along the Croatian coastline. It was only a 5 minute walk towards the hostel from the bus station. I was waiting for a receptionist to come check me in to the hostel. Finally, he checked me into my room where I was the only guest in a 10 bed dorm room.

I went out into the town to walk along one of the parks and view the Sea and Mountains nearby. I then walked through the town's streets to see some of the stores and neighborhoods. I stopped by a grocery store that was near the bus station and my hostel.

To end the night, I listened to some music and cooked some pasta, beef and bread. It was a relaxing night with what seemed to be a quiet hostel. I went to bed fairly earlier to get some sleep after the travel day.

Total Distance: 3.6 miles

Day 65 (November 8th): I woke up mid morning to head to the kitchen to eat yogurt for breakfast. I also ate a peanut butter and nutella sandwich because the yogurt wasn't that great. I showered and packed up my backpack to go walk around the parks for the day.

I went to a Coastal park to explore some of the woods and forest on the coastline of Makarska. I walked along a water view path on the edge of the park, which led to a nude beach called Frugal. There was no one enjoying the sunny day in Makarska, so I was unable to join the fun.

I walked up to the park's summit to see a different perspective of the park and sea. I sat to eat some lunch and read a book with views over the water. It was slightly windy at the top of the park but the sun was bringing some heat to the day.

I walked through a path along the ridge of the top of the park back towards Makarska. I made my way back to the water view trail towards the start of the park. I sat and walked around there for about an hour to listen to music and watch the sunset.

After watching the sunset, I went off to the hostel to eat dinner and relax the rest of the night. I heated up leftovers from yesterday and cooked up some onion rings. It was pouring rain starting in the early evening while I was cooking and started to storm. I relaxed inside the hostel listening and watching the storm for the rest of the night.

Total Distance: 4.8 miles

Day 66 (November 9th): It was an early morning to eat some yogurt and get to the bus station. It was a short walk from the hostel to the bus station to head towards Dubrovnik, along the coast of Croatia.


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