• Brendan Cutuli

A Refreshing German City

Day 31 (October 5th): A quick walk through the rain to my hostel in Leipzig. I checked in and settled my things into my room. I met my first roommate who was studying in Leipzig for his masters, coming from France. He was continuously looking around the city for an apartment for the next year during his studies.

I headed out into the city center to grab some food after only snacking on the bus ride on nuts, raising and chocolate. I found a burger joint that was pretty packed so I had to eat outside, given I couldn't take up a full table with only 1 person. I built up an extra layer of skin, given the chilly weather and ate a jalapeno burger in what felt like three minutes. Man, was I hungry (Yet this has been every second of every day).

I paid my bill and walked around the city center to see the churches, markets and buildings at night. There were plenty of different musicians playing outside on the streets. There was one band, The Wishing Well, which had speakers that you could hear from all over the city center. They had a bass guitar, drums, piano, a few violins and a singer. They sounded quite well for a band that was playing on the street side.

I continued walking through the center and found a grocery store to grab some food for the next day. I grabbed some snacks, yogurt and fruit for the next day as I was heading for some long walks to some local parks.

Total Distance: 5.4 miles

Day 32 (October 6th): I woke up taking my time to eat some yogurt and granola before heading out for the day. I packed some snacks and fruit for the day with the aim to see some parks and monuments around the outskirts of Leipzig. I walked for an hour before arriving at a beautiful public garden. The intricacy and light that was brought out through this garden was nothing that I've seen before.

As I have no WiFi, I relied on my instincts and delayed google maps that didn't update rather well. I also didn't care to check my phone constantly so I went aimlessly walking with the hope of heading to another park nearby. I made it to a park but one in the wrong direction I had planned to go. So I corrected myself and went on my way to a beautiful park that was next to a neighborhood integrated with a garden.

I was headed to a national monument before I found a gorgeous church and cemetery. Easily the most beautiful cemetery I have ever laid my eyes on and been able to walk through. These are the beautiful gems you come across by walking aimlessly with no set plan.

I found the Monument to the Battle of the Nations close by to the park I was previously at. It was a memorial for the 1813 Battle of the Nations with a history museum, but I stuck with viewing from the outside due to its high price.

I heard about this place called the Panometer so I headed my way there about the Monument, but it was crazy expensive. It was a circular garden that had a few exhibits throughout but wasn't worth the price. I was able to sneak a peak into one of the exhibits and it didn't peak my interest too much. Then I headed my way back through the surrounding neighborhoods of the city back into the center to my hostel.

I met my other roommate, Vinay, who has been living in Berlin for a few years doing part time business law / strategic management and R&B hip hop. We connected on such a deep level within the first handful of minutes talking with each other. We both had similar stories within mental health and followed similar philosophies through our time of learning. It was a breath of fresh air to hear from someone so passionate about similar topics such as myself.

We headed out into the outskirts of the city to chat some more and watch some Champions League football for the night after we separately grabbed dinner. We chatted back and forth for hours about our own stories and what we truly believed in. From travel stories to personal stories, we got to know each other sincerely over one night of chatting.

Total Distance: 15 miles

Day 33 (October 7th): I slept in for a bit longer than I hoped because I was out talking late with Vinay for his last night in Leipzig. We gave each other a warm goodbye before he headed off back to Berlin. I organized myself for the day and headed to the grocery store for some more fruit and snacks for the day.

I headed off to a park nearby the river in the outskirts of the city. It was a gorgeous park that had trails through the woods alongside the river. I slowly made my way through some of the trails to listen to music and also listen to the creatures moving about the woods.

There was a nearby park that had gorgeous flowers to walk around. I sat on the bench to appreciate and take in the beautiful day that I was experiencing. The fresh air was like no other as I was having such a wonderful start to my day.

I found a hill with a bench nearby where I ate my lunch and hydrated after some long walking. It was peaceful with no one nearby except some birds flying about the trees. After eating, I found a beautiful park nearby the Leipzig Zoo where it had an open field to meander about. I heard and smelt many of the Zoo animals from the park as I was walking around. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful park with views of some high rises within the city.

I walked back to the hostel to organize my belongings and rest up for the night. I headed out for a quick bite to eat, in which I tried McDonald's for the first time while abroad. It certainly tasted better than in the states but I don't indulge in fast food ever. It was cheap and a big meal to get myself full before heading to Nurnberg the next day. I stopped at the grocery store again for some breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.

Total Distance: 8.3 miles

Day 34 (October 8th): I woke up early to get some breakfast in my stomach before walking to the bus station in the rain. It was a quick walk and I had some time before getting on my bus. I stopped inside the store by the bus station to grab a croissant and a sandwich to have plenty of food for the day. On to the four hour bus ride to Nurnberg!


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