• Brendan Cutuli

A Short Trip In A Large City

Day 15 (September 19th): As we rode our bus to Vienna, we found out that our AirBnB cancelled on us due to unknown reasons. After many complaints, I was able to receive some coupons for the inconvenience this made for our travels. We were able to find a new apartment that would fit our needs for the next two nights.

We arrived in Vienna, meeting our host to chat for the next hour about anything from wars to political activism within Vienna and across the world. We made ourselves comfortable in the apartment before heading out to the grocery store. We grabbed Burger King on the way back from the grocery store because we had no energy to cook after a long bus ride, long conversation and going shopping.

We closed out our night by playing cards and chatting about our next adventures moving forward. It was the sleep we needed in a queen bed in a loft-type bed within our 10 square meter room.

Total Distance: 2.9 miles

Day 16 (September 20th): We had a great nights rest to wake up and cook a big breakfast to make up for all the lost weight during our walking. We cooked up some sausage, eggs, cheese and toast to consume before going for a walk around the city. It was a great way to start our morning as most days we don't eat a substantial breakfast.

We began by walking through some city parks, viewing monuments and buildings that were influential in Vienna's history. We walked through many unique neighborhoods within the area that definitely showed off its own taste of Austria.

We crossed the Danube canal to check out a park that we found online. It was an intricate park with shaped trees and pathways that offered a different aspect of normal parks we've seen. It was certainly a park that we enjoyed walking through viewing many different perspectives of the city.

We walked back to the canal to walk alongside it viewing the city from a different perspective. We stopped at a local place to grab a drink alongside the canal to rest our legs and chat a bit. There were great works of graffiti alongside the walls of the canal.

We made our way back to the apartment to nap and rest after the long walk. We played a few games of cards before cooking dinner. We made steak, mushrooms and french fries to eat before ending our last night together with cards.

Total Distance: 8.1 miles

Day 17 (September 21st): We slept well again in Imperium and cooked one last meal together. We made the same breakfast to load up on food as much as we can before departing each other's own ways. I was on a bus ride to Prague, while Ian was headed to his last city in Budapest before heading to the states. We arrived at the bus station and said our goodbyes before moving to our next destinations.


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