• Brendan Cutuli

A Welcome Into My Mind

Thank you all for taking the time to read more about myself and my passions. This site will serve as a anecdote into my life thus far.

My website will provide personal experiences, leading researchers and investors within the fields of mental health, drug addiction and homelessness. These topics will be researched and identified through blogs and podcast episodes.

My blog will include my own experiences with these fields, valuable information on current statistics and guidance tips, along with written interviews from others within the field. Please keep up to date by subscribing to my weekly newsletters.

The Mental Insights Podcast will feature a sufficient amount of information regarding these fields from myself, leading professionals and those who have experienced any of these issues. The Podcast will be live in the coming days and will be found through iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more. Please subscribe when the time comes.

Overall, I want to provide you all with thoughtful and supportive information for anyone that sees these fields of interest important. I want to create awareness for those who are unaware of these issues and create guidance for those who struggle with these issues or know someone who deals with these issues at hand.

On a side note, I am completing my last year at Wentworth Institute of Technology, seeking a degree in Civil Engineering. This website will serve as an opportunity for companies to seek me out for consulting design work within Site/Civil design of Stormwater Management and Septic Design.

I hope you all enjoy what's come thus far. Be ready and excited for the future!

With Gratitude,

Brendan Cutuli


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