• Brendan Cutuli

An Unforgettable Country

Day 52 (October 26th): I arrived and slowly walked my way to the Kva Hostel in Ljubljana. I walked along a river in a beautiful city with unique architecture and restaurants throughout my walk. I dropped off my bags in the room before giving my parents a call to catch up along my travels.

I went back out into the city to walk along the river and see the restaurants lit up at night. The city looked absolutely stunning at night walking through the streets. I headed to the grocery store to grab some food for the coming days. I ate a premade sandwich from the store and some snacks alongside some agua to hydrate myself.

The rest of the night was relaxing in my bed to get a good night's rest on this day of travel.

Total Distance: 4.2 miles

Day 53 (October 27th): I woke up early with the intention to head to Triglav National Park to spend the day out in nature. I ate some breakfast in the dining area with some hostel mates and made lunch for the day, along with packing my backpack. I walked over to the main bus station to catch a bus to Lake Bohinj, a place next to Triglav National Park. It was a two hour journey on the bus through some nice local towns.

I arrived in Lake Bohinj around mid day with the sun beaming onto the Lake as I stepped off of the bus. I left no time to view the Lake at first because I was heading for a small day hike up a hill of a few hundred meters high that overlooked the Lake. It was a beautiful path that led through a small village on the side of some Mountains.

I climbed to the peak of the hill and saw views in multiple directions of villages and mountains. It was certainly a peaceful place as it was within the Triglav National Park boundaries. I sat down for a while to eat some snacks and a sandwich to gain back some energy that I used.

I walked my way along the ridge of the hill to another lower summit that had some trails throughout the woods. I encountered a snake as I veered a bit off trail to find some views of the surrounding Mountains. I finally made my way down the hills to reach Lake Bohinj and take in its beauty up close.

I took a bus about 45 minutes to Lake Bled, which is another spectacle within Slovenia. I walked alongside the Lake's path to view the castles and beauty of the Lake. It was just as the sun was setting over the Town. I walked back through the city to grab a bus back to Ljubljana.

I made it back to my hostel after an hour and a half bus ride with some slow traffic coming out of Bled. I chatted with one of my roommates from Czech Republic and we decided to go grab some dinner out in the city. I cleaned myself up before we went and walked around the city before finding an Indian restaurant. I had a delicious beef dish with tomato rice and garlic naan. After a large and filling meal, we walked back to the hostel to get a good night's rest.

Total Distance: 12.8 miles

Day 54 (October 28th): I slept in late because of a long previous day on the bus for four hours and a lot of miles tolled on my body. I showered and packed my bag up for the day with lunch and water. I walked through some markets on my way towards the hilltop castle. I climbed up the castle's park from the back end.

The summit of this hill had great views over the city of Ljubljana. Slovenia has some beautiful hills and mountains, truly integrated with the city. There were some paths through some nature before arriving at the castle atop the hill. After some food and water, I hopped my way down the hill on the front side with views into the city center.

I made the walk towards Tivoli Park, which is a large, local park within the city. There was an interesting exhibit with artwork along the main path through the center of the park. I sat by a bench to journal and reflect on my travels thus far.

Still hungry after my lunch, I stopped at a pizza joint nearby and grabbed two large slices of pizza to eat by the river. I snuck back to the hostel close by to nap and rest up my mind and body. After awaking, I went to the store to grab a sandwich and snacks for my dinner. I hung out in the dining area of the hostel to chat with some hostel mates.

Total Distance: 6.1 miles

Day 55 (October 29th): I woke up fairly early to shower and pack up my belongings to move onto the next destination. Before I checked out of the hostel, I made friends with a roommate from Berlin who was riding his motorcycle around Europe. He was able to guess that I was an engineer based on my mannerisms, thought process, etc. It was quite fascinating to be analyzed that well and quickly within roughly a 20 minute conversation. After wishing each other well, I made my walk towards the main bus station to head to Zagreb, Croatia.


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