• Brendan Cutuli

Clear Lakes With Cloudy Skies

Day 57 (October 31st): I had a two and a half hour bus ride to Plitvicka Jezera to see the Plitvice Lakes National Park. I arrived in a small village where my AirBnB was, next to the park during a foggy, rainy day. I checked into the apartment and settled my bags into my place, which was only about a twenty minute walk from the park entrance.

After realizing the park's hours were shorter due to the winter season, I decided not to head to the park for only the afternoon today. I settled inside for the afternoon to eat some lunch and watch more of the It's Always Sunny season.

I went to the grocery store across the street to get food to cook for the next two nights. I first did some laundry to clean most of my clothes before cooking dinner. I cooked pasta with sausage alongside some bolognese sauce. I finished up my laundry and went into bed early for a full day at the park tomorrow.

Total Distance: 2.6 miles

Day 58 (November 1st): After snoozing my alarm a bit in the early am, I rolled out of bed to cook some eggs and sausage. I ate a big meal before packing up my bag with some lunch before heading towards the park. I found some trails online before walking my way to the parks entrance.

I started my day off at Entrance 2, which was nearby my AirBnB. I began walking alongside some of the first lakes, realizing that the "trail" I was on was only the driving path for the bus to bring people to the top of the Lake section. I found a trail walking alongside the Lake's that I jumped on to change my scenery.

It was a beautiful walking trail alongside the increasing elevation of lakes. The colors of the water became more clear and distinct through the walk. There were small waterfalls within some of the lakes that were flowing from small ponds.

I made it to the top lake of the park after a casual walk up some change in elevation. It was a foggy view of the largest lake within the park, where ducks were following me, presumably to feed them. I walked my way along the boardwalk to the other side of the lakes walkways.

I arrived towards the beginning of the loop of the park, aiming to walk around one of the last lakes in the park. I headed into a woodsy trail that ended up bringing me all the way back to the top of the lakes, where I was an hour ago. Throughout this time, a dog off leash was walking alongside me, except weaving off trail up and down the hillside. I heard some squeals towards a crossroads and ended up following the noise to see if I could find him. Sure enough I couldn't find him until I was walking back down the boardwalk trail down the lakes edge, when I heard him barking and running down the hillside. I have no idea who the owner was but I was happy to see him back on trail and continued walking.

I took a boat over to the side of the lake I had planned to walk to originally. I ended up realizing that the park was much larger than anticipated. There were even more lakes and walkways to explore on this side of the park near Entrance 1. While there were many tourists walking single file, I skipped away to climb up through a cave trail to an oversight trail above the lakes. I walked along here for a while to gain a new perspective of the lakes before making my way back towards Entrance 2.

I skipped along my way back in a fast walk enjoying some 90's rock n roll music. After arriving at Entrance 2, I had a short walk back to my AirBnB. I warmed up the rest of the pasta and sausage before resting my legs for the night.

Total Distance: 13 miles

Day 59 (November 2nd): I woke up early to cook eggs and sausage and hard boil the rest of the eggs left over. I packed up my bags after showering and getting ready to head to the bus station. I met a couple at the bus station from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We chatted for a while until our bus was supposed to arrive but no bus ended up showing. The couple ended up paying a lot of money to get a Taxi to their city destination because they didn't want to wait. I waited three hours at the bus stop for the next bus to arrive.


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