• Brendan Cutuli

No Resting In Zurich

Day 38 (October 12th): The 5 hour train ride from Augsburg to Stuttgart to Zurich went fairly fast. On the home stretch, we passed a beautiful island among some water rapids in the middle of a river in Switzerland. After this point, some police came to question and search some people they were curious about. I have still thankfully not been questioned or interrogated for anything along my travels.

It was a short walk to my hostel across the river, which was pretty close to the city center. I met some of my roommates before I went out to walk along Lake Zurich to some of the parks and see some of the downtown area. It was a beautiful walk along the water with many people with the same intentions as myself.

I walked back to the hostel to relax my legs after a long walk around parts of Lake Zurich. Seeing the sun set over the mountains while sitting on some rocks by the water was gorgeous. I had some leftover pasta from Augsburg that I heated up with some sauce and bread for dinner.

I met another roommate, Alex, from London who was a very kind guy that I chatted with for a bit. We went out into the city for a bit to see what it was like on a Saturday. Sure enough, we ended up at a dance club where they threw napkins in the air for fun. We listened to some tunes, danced and made our way back to the hostel after throwing/stepping on many napkins (Only in Switzerland).

Total Distance: 9.8 miles

Day 39 (October 13th): I slept in a bit after staying out in the city later than my usual bed time along my travels. I ate some granola and banana before packing up my bag for my day. I made some pb+j's and packed snacks to keep myself energized for my hike. I started off with a park in the city to see where some locals hung around close by the center.

Then I headed out to Adlisberg Mountain, which had spectacular views over the city. I walked up steep neighborhood roads on my way to the mountain. I stopped by to see some people skating on an outdoor rink before heading into the woods. Then I made my ascent to the mountain views. Come to find out that there is a viewing tower towards the back of the mountain that I headed towards.

The views up here were spectacular over the Alps range. They had panorama displays to show the names and heights of each mountain along the range. I stopped to eat some food before making my way down the mountain to another one across the city. I was heading towards Kaferberg Mountain.

I was walking through some neighborhoods along a hill below the mountain, when I realized on google maps that I am walking along a smaller one. My crazy self can't get enough of two mountains for the day so why not add another? I expected this one to have some view of the city and lake due to the one I had along the street. I backtracked quite a bit in order to summit this mountain with no view. Luckily I can always find the enjoyment of the road less traveled; as long as I can crack the smile and laugh my way onwards.

I made my way to a local park where people were arriving from what it seemed to look like after work. I stopped to hydrate on a bench and view the next mountain that I was heading towards. I started my way up Kaferberg, when I saw a sign for a Crematorium. I've seen so many within Europe thus far and rarely ever within the States.

I headed up towards the summit of Kaferberg, where families were cooking out and enjoying the beautiful sun shine down. It was quite a nice mountain in between many neighborhoods along the north side of Zurich. I walked back along the river towards Lake Zurich and my hostel.

I made it back to the hostel to chat with a new roommate, Bensen, who was from Hungary and two girls from Tennessee and Oregon. My roommate Alex had met two girls from Cleveland that wanted to meet up so we went up towards the roof deck of our hostel. We ended up seeing what was going on in the city but everyone was asleep getting ready for the work week. We went back to the hostel to cook pasta and chat in the kitchen until about 3am. We said our farewells to each other as everyone besides myself was flying out the next (current) day.

Total Distance: 14.7 miles

Day 40 (October 14th): I slept in fairly late because of the late night we all had together. I ate a bunch of granola and bananas, showered and said goodbye to Alex. I packed my bag and headed out to Uetliberg Mountain for my next hike in Zurich. I took the wrong tram initially before running back and grabbing the right one to the bottom of the mountain.

I checked the trail maps and decided to go a longer route along the bottom of the mountain to a different summit trail. I made my way along the beautiful trails on this mountain before realizing I was walking past the summit trail. I ended up on a strictly bike path for a few minutes, curious as to which way a bike was going to be coming from. I got on my high horse and made my way to a more open path on the trail.

I decided to go off trail to an unmarked foot path that looked to be in the right direction. It was muddy and slippery, covered with bushes and twigs that were breaking up my path. I finally saw the trail that I was at the previous 30 or so minutes ago. I hopped down back onto the trail to realize I missed the direction of the summit trail. Now I am back on track and making my way towards to summit.

I summited the mountain, which had gorgeous views over the city and lake. There were countless amounts of people up top, who were having pre-made lunches or eating at the cafe. I personally enjoy my peace and quiet when up in the woods. I snapped some pictures before making my way along the ridge of the mountain to get deeper into the woods.

I hopped off trail to sit down, eat some food and meditate in the depths of the forest. It was incredibly peaceful, while the sun beamed through the trees onto the forest ground. I continued my walking towards where I would descend the mountain. I walked a bit further and changed my trail to descend. I made my way quickly down the mountain and came towards the river that flows into Lake Zurich. It was a beautiful walk back towards the city center and hostel, while people were swimming, playing beach volleyball or tanning.

I hung out with my roommate, Bensen, for the night on the roof top of the hostel and we walked around the city for a bit while chatting. I then relaxed at the hostel for the rest of the night to plan out my next week of travels.

Total Distance: 15.1 miles

Day 41 (October 15th): I woke up early to pack all my food and clothes before making my bus to Bern. I showered and prepared my lunch for the day, then heading to the bus station in the city center.


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