• Brendan Cutuli

One More Walk Through The Old Town

Day 49 (October 23rd): I arrived in Graz with a short walk over to my hostel near the train station. I checked in to the hostel and unpacked some of my bags in my room. I walked around the outskirts of the city to find a grocery store and restaurant for the evening. I stopped at a Turkish restaurant to grab a doner kebab sandwich.

I dropped my groceries at the hostel before going to walk around the city. It was beautiful around the city to have the monuments and churches lit up at night. They had a cool architectural structure within the river that you cross to get into the Old Town.

Total Distance: 6.4 miles

Day 50 (October 24th): My roommates woke me up early within the morning as they were preparing to leave the hostel. I slowly woke up and ate some breakfast before packing my backpack to travel the city.

I first headed to a cemetery on the outside of the city center, which was a vast open area with many gravestones. Then I headed out to a woodsy trailed park called Hilmteich, which had a pond. It was a beautiful park where I spent some time to sit on some benches to snack and eat lunch.

I walked my way towards the hilltop with a castle called Schloßberg Park. The park on level ground was beautiful with many walkways and grassed areas for people to enjoy. I sat down to snack and read my book for a little while. Then I walked down the street to start my climb up the hill to see the castle. The hilltop had great views over the city and into the hills surrounding the city.

I made my way back to the hostel to relax for the later afternoon. I met my roommate from Germany who studies American Film for his PhD and was giving a lecture at the local university. We chatted for a while about education, traveling and more. I went out to an Italian restaurant to grab some pasta. Then I finished the night out relaxing in the hostel and chatting with my roommate.

Total Distance: 11.2 miles

Day 51 (October 25th): I slept in pretty late as I woke up late night due to a roommate and couldn't fall back asleep. I woke up exhausted and slowly made my way to start the morning. I rose to eat some breakfast and plan out my next few weeks of travel.

I found a place that used local ingredients to make pierogi's which is a Polish specialty that I did not enjoy enough in Poland. I walked into the city to have some pierogi's for lunch, which were quite delicious.

After 8 boiled pierogi's sitting well in my stomach, I walked along the river to a park close by. There was a dog enclosure where people brought theirs to play and a playground for children to enjoy themselves in the sun. I sat myself on a bench nearby to hydrate and eat some snacks while watching people meander there way through the park.

I went back to the Schloßberg Park to sit on a bench and relax between the trees under the shade. I was feeling a bit dehydrated and tired so I made my way to the hostel to nap in the afternoon. I felt refreshed after sleeping for a bit in the afternoon but was in need of some food. I was exhausted from walking and the sun all day so I walked close by to a subway to get food quickly before getting back to the hostel to sleep for the evening.

Total Distance: 6.1 miles

Day 52 (October 26th): I slept in fairly late today because one of my roommates arrived in the room at around 2:30am and I was unable to fall back asleep quickly. I woke up slowly, showered and made some lunch before checking out of the hostel. I chatted for a bit with an entrepreneur who worked for start up companies, planning to move to Graz. Then I made my way to the bus station to wait for my transportation to Ljubljana.


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