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Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Welcome everyone to the start of my blog series during my travels abroad. I will be sharing by day to day travels with you here. Feel free to share this amongst any of your friends if they are interested in this. You can also check out some videos I will be posting throughout my travels about some insights I learn along the way on my YouTube Channel.

Our flight was a red eye on last Wednesday night into Thursday morning (yawns). With anticipation looming or past consistencies, I was only able to sleep for a few hours on the plane ride. An easy 8 hour flight into Rome followed by a 32 minute train ride into the city of Rome went by quicker than expected.

Day 1 (September 5th): To start off our day, we walked through some streets close to our hostel to grab some paninis. Followed by a walk through Villa Borghese, which is a park/garden that has some incredible views on the city, seen below.

We then walked along the Tiber River to experience some of the walking and biking trails. The river was not well taken care of and neither was the walkways along the river. In many places, there were house boats parked along the river that were rundown or abandoned. There were also many homeless popping tents on some parts of the rivers walkways as well.

Following the river, we headed more into the city to see the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Mausoleum of Augustus and many more historic landmarks. The architecture of these buildings is something unfathomable to my eye, even as someone within an aspect of the construction field. I could not imagine someone building something to the likes of what we were seeing throughout this city.

After a long day of walking with little to no sleep the night previous, we went back to our hostel (Legend R.G.) to take a nap before dinner. We slept a little too long with fatigued legs so we walked within a 0.5 mile radius of our hostel to find some comfort food. Some delicious pizza was on the menu tonight; mushroom and sausage pizza for me specifically. Heading to bed a little earlier was needed to catch up on sleep, the time difference and the 10.8 miles we walked that day.

Toal Distance: 10.8 miles

Day 2 (September 6th): An early rise to start the day with a croissant from the hostel we were staying in. We ate the breakfast at Piazza della Repubblica, which is a rotary near our hostel with a beautiful waterfall. Then began our 4.5 mile trek to visit the Vatican City and experience some of the most intricate architecture in the city. We took the Ponte Sant'Angelo (bridge) to see the Castel Sant'Angelo, which was in direct view from the Vatican.

The Vatican had a line of hundreds out the door wrapped around the front of the building for free entry. Many tourism companies came up to us asking for us to pay to skip the line by joining a tour. The views from outside the building were well worth the experience in it of itself. I've thankfully had the experience to walk inside St. Peter's Basilica around 7 years ago with my family.

On our walk back from the Vatican City, we walked along the Tiber River. A stop for lunch right over the bridge across from Trastevere. I had a pasta dish of fettuccini with porcini mushrooms that was absolutely delicious. This sparked some energy to finish off the day visiting some other historic buildings and ruins throughout the day including the Colosseum, Palatine hill and more.

To cap our time off in Roma, we went out to dinner by the Piazza Della Repubblica. We witnessed an altercation between a guest and a manager at the restaurant, which sparked much of the police and army around the area. As things settled, we ate dinner outside and enjoyed the view of the city lights.

Day 3 (September 7th): The next morning we woke up, packed our bags and checked out of the hostel while leaving our bags at the front desk. We walked through our favorite street (Via Merulana) and grabbed some pizza to walk around the local neighborhood.

Total Distance: 12.5 miles

A train ride to Firenze then began! Ciao


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