• Brendan Cutuli

Dobrý Den a Na Shledanou Praha

Day 17 (September 21st): After parting ways with my good friend Ian who I have been traveling with for 16 days thus far, I made my way to Prague on a bus. Around a 5 hour bus ride through the hills and pastures throughout Austria and Czechia was beautiful. Austria is one of, if not the most beautiful countries I've traveled through so far.

I was welcomed greatly at my AirBnB in Prague from my host Nadia, who has lived in Prague her whole life. She was so generous as I arrived, chatting with me about travels, family and what I should see over the next few days. It was like we had been friends with similar interests for years prior to meeting.

I felt a little sick once I laid down to rest in bed, which I may think was due to the water there. Now I am understanding of how the taste was rather different than most tap water I have been drinking. I normally have a touch stomach but now noticing that I may have acid reflux is a concern.

With a large variety of foods and drinks going into my body, I must learn to be more cognizant of this during my travels. My health is of the utmost importance during this time while I travel. Especially when I have a large blood bubble, possibly a blood clot, on the outside of my leg.

No need to be concerned, I still feel healthy and have been actively exercising daily! My youth is when I am able to take some risks and learn what's best for my mind and body. My body still feels in great condition and shape.

I walked to a few parks and cemeteries to get some exercise and fresh air. I watched the sunset from a nearby park up on the hill to see the sun set over the city. What a beautiful and relaxing way to end my first night in Prague.

I grabbed some bread, snacks and chocolate to slowly eat throughout the night while I hydrated and relaxed for the evening. I wanted to give a slow and steady meal for my stomach to ease up on over an uneasy day.

Total Distance: 5.4 miles

Day 18 (September 22nd): My stomach was still feeling iffy this morning but nothing that some hydration and food can't fix. I ate some bread and had a sandwich made from the previous day to eat for lunch.

I headed out to walk around Prague for the day to explore as much as I could within my day to visit. I walked through the Old Town to see monuments such as the Prasna Brana, Astronomical Clock and the Old Jewish Cemetery.

I walked across the Vitava River to check out some parks across the way to view over the city. I also headed then to the Prague Castle, St. George's Basilica and Svateho Vita Cathedral. These were some beautiful churches and buildings that had incredible views into Prague.

After, I walked towards the John Lennon wall to listen to a musician sing and play guitar to some Beatles songs while I sat down to rest. Then I made my way across the Charles Bridge to head back to the city center. I made my way to see more buildings as I worked back towards the apartment.

I rested and took a nap at the apartment before making my way out to dinner. I stopped at a local restaurant to grab some pizza to fill my stomach with something lighter than meat. It was quite delicious pizza and one that I enjoyed more than some I even had in Italy.

I went back to the apartment afterwards to lay in bed and rest for the night. I had to wake up early the next morning to make my way to meet up with my friend in Warsaw.

Total Distance: 7.4 miles

Day 19 (September 23rd): I woke up around 530am to hear at least 5 younger women who were still up partying throughout the night. I was waking up to start my day as they were not even ending their night. I was packing my bag and cleaning myself up before heading to the bus station for my 7 oclock bus ride for a 10 hour trip to Warsaw.


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