• Brendan Cutuli

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Day 55 (October 29th): After a two and a half hour bus ride to Zagreb, I quickly stepped my way through the pouring rain to my hostel. Yes it certainly is easier and more dry if I take public transportation but the goal of this trip was to make myself uncomfortable and put myself in positions that test my will power. Whether this is a lighthearted way to do it, I think it's quite an enjoyable test of one's mental strength.

I dried off in my hostel as I checked in to my room and dropped off my bags. It certainly didn't matter where I put my bags because this hostel room was an absolute mess. When you'd think a college dorm or apartment would be messy and unorganized, this was like a tornado came through the room.

I headed out into the city to find a charging adapter because I left part of mine in Graz, Austria a few days prior. I ended up finding a store a few miles down the street after getting drenched in rain again. I walked back to the hostel to meet up with my friend, Gabby, who I was previously traveling Poland and part of Germany with. We caught up on both of our travels in my hostel's living area before going to walk to find a restaurant. Luckily she had an umbrella to spare me the pain of more wet clothes.

We arrived at a restaurant that met our needs for a dinner so we headed into the basement of the establishment to its dining area. After a fairly delicious dinner, it took the waiter quite some time to bring us the check, even with us asking for it and making eye contact with him. Finally, we made it back to the hostel to smoke some cigars and walk around the area as it stopped raining this evening. We gave each other our farewells, as Gabby was flying back to the states tomorrow.

Total Distance: 6.8 miles

Day 56 (October 30th): I slept in this morning because it was pouring as I woke up and there wasn't much I had planned to see. I packed my bag to go to the store for some groceries and head to some parks around the city. I made my way to the store and bought some food before heading out into a miserable mix of wind and rain. After shivering in my clothes, I said there is no point of enjoyment in this type of weather.

I arrived back at my hostel to eat some lunch and watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's new season online. It was a relaxing afternoon to fill up on food and laughter, while it continued to rain. I went downstair's to make my lunch for the following day of travel.

I met a girl from Norway who made a warm comment on the typical nature of Americans eating pb&j's. We ended up chatting for a while about travels, politics, people and much more. It was a great light hearted conversation for my last night in Zagreb. While we were playing games with some other hostel mates, a girl shouted out to me due to my fenway shirt. She ended up being a waitress from north of Boston, who chose to leave the states to travel and see parts of Europe.

Safe to say it was a very social end to my time in Zagreb.

Total Distance: 4.6 miles

Day 57 (October 31st): I woke up early to pack up my remaining items and walk to the bus station for my next destination: Plitvice Lakes National Park. It was another cold, rainy walk to the bus station before arriving in some warmth.


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