• Brendan Cutuli


Day 13 (September 17th): We arrived to Munich late due to some traffic as well before getting into the city. We checked into our hostel fairly quickly as it was a short walk to our place.

We met our roommates and then headed to a restaurant we saw close by to sit outside and decide what's for dinner. We ended up eating at KFC this night because the restaurant was pretty expensive.

We hung out at our hostel to play cards and relax for the night. The city was lively as we took a short walk around the area to see what was going on.

Total Distance: 6.4 miles

Day 14 (September 18th): As much of our roommates in the hostel left early, we had a relaxing morning to wake up and get ourselves oriented for the day. We grabbed a light breakfast in the train station nearby to eat on a bench out in the sun.

Our next step was to walk around some of the monuments and churches throughout the city of Munich. We saw some extremely unique buildings that have very intricate designs in their architecture. Munich was all rebuilt after WWII so many of the buildings held older looks but were fairly new compared to some architecture I've visited so far.

After walking around some of these buildings, we headed to the English Gardens which is over a 900 acre park in Munich. This was such a beautiful park that we walked through and laid down for a bit to nap. We heard of people that were performing a kind of surfing on the river that ran through the park but we did not catch any of it. We walked throughout the park to see different areas filled with benches, open fields or small ponds to enjoy.

We made our way back to the hostel alongside a main river through Munich where many people would walk, bike or run along. There was an island that had some shops, museums and pathways to enjoy. We strolled along this island before headed back to the hostel to relax and nap a bit.

We went to subway to grab a sandwich before heading to a local German bar to watch Bayern Munchen play in the Champions League group stages. Although the locals were joking about us, we enjoyed being in a more local environment to watch the game besides a packed Irish Pub next door.

We stayed up late this night to play cards and joke around with our roommate Kevin from Australia. We made the decision to head to Vienna tomorrow to check out some of the city before moving onwards. We booked a bus ticket and an AirBnB for the evening to get a different experience of Vienna.

Total Distance: 10.3 miles

Day 15 (September 19th): With a fully booked hostel, it was tough to use the bathroom in the morning with 10 people occupying it before our check out at 10am. We headed over to the bus station to grab food and wait for us 5 hour bus ride to Vienna.


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