• Brendan Cutuli

Si Perda

Day 6 (September 10th): An early train ride from Firenze to Venezia was how our morning began. With two changes and four hours of a commute, I was surely exhausted when arriving to Venezia. Locating the hostel was a challenge due to the small alleyways and canals with some dead ends in the neighborhoods.

After meeting our roommate in the hostel, we learned some cool spots to visit throughout the city. We walked around most accessible neighborhoods in the city, along canals and the coastline within the lagoon. Water taxis, gondalas, yachts and sailboats were all traveling throughout the area bringing tourists and locals all over the area.

Although there are major monument signs, we were still able to get lost within some side streets in the neighborhoods. We eventually walked to a park on the edge of the city to sit down and put our feet in the water to watch boats pass by.

Eventually we headed our way back through some other neighborhoods to enjoy other monuments and views within Venezia. After a quick walk without getting lost, we stepped back up to the hostel room meeting our other roommate for the night.

Some relaxation awaits until we decided to step outside to grab some sandwiches and drinks from a local supermarket to enjoy by the canal. Chatting about our homes, experiences and future travels were the talk of the city that night. Venezia canals offered some beautiful, peaceful approaches to a city that is jam packed with tourists.

With an AirBnB awaiting us in Trieste, we made sure to spend our time with our roommates as much as we could.

Total Distance: 10.3 miles

Day 7 (September 11th): The morning we awoke with the hope to sit by a local neighborhood canal to enjoy the sun and view of boats pass by. In a more quiet place, we watched as locals went by to work, school and breakfast/lunch.

A stop by a local pizza shop to grab sandwiches before we headed to Venezia Santa Lucia station. A two hour train ride was in our near future to head off the Trieste.


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