• Brendan Cutuli

The Last Few Nights In Poland

Day 26th (September 30th): We arrived in Wroclaw after two train rides that lasted about five hours in total. We took a tram into the city and arrived at our AirBnB, which was right downtown. We settled in to get our stuff situated and then headed on our own ways for the night. We each went to dinner on our own and grab some things that we each needed from the store.

I went out to walk around, grab a Barbacoa Beef Burritio, cigars and some items at the convenience store across the street. We both arrived back at the AirBnb later that night to relax and chat for the evening. We drank some tea, smoked a cigar and hung out on our balcony to watch people walking throughout the streets. After chilly winds outside, we went inside to plan our next few days.

Total Distance: 9.8 miles

Day 27th (October 1st): We woke up early in the morning to start our day before heading to a museum. We cleaned up and went to a cafe for a croissant and coffee on the way to Hydropolis. Hydropolis was a museum focused on all aspects of water: city, man, history and so forth. We both focused on Environmental Engineering at Wentworth so it fit our desires fairly well.

We spent about 4 hours walking through many different parts of this museum. They had so much information about many aspects of water around the world today. We honestly could have been there for even longer if our brain's could indulge upon more material in one day.

We walked along the water and checked out much of the area in Wroclaw. We were starving so we walked on back near our apartment. We found a place that made pierogi's which is a Polish specialty. I ate a large amount of beef pierogi's with peppers and onions followed by some chocolate filled baked pierogi's for dessert that we shared.

We were exhausted from the indulgence of food that we just inhaled so we went back to the apartment to nap. Our brains and bodies were tired from the knowledge and food we experienced today. We woke up, drank some tea and thought about what we could do for the following days. We did not have anything planned out yet, with the intention to go to Berlin and move our way down through Germany. We hung out for the evening to figure this all out and book some AirBnB's along with transportation.

Total Distance: 4.7 miles

Day 28th (October 2nd): We did laundry last evening as well so we woke up early to try to assist in the air drying process as much as we could. We ate some leftover food that we had from the previous days for our breakfast. We drank some tea and prepared our bags before heading off to Berlin. We sat around a green space near the train station before grabbing our bus to Berlin.


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