• Brendan Cutuli

"The Music Is Not In The Notes, But In The Silence Between." - Wolfgang Mozart

Day 11 (September 15th): After long discussions, we decided to skip Slovenia and head to Salzburg, Austria. We planned to get breakfast this morning but there was nowhere open besides simply coffee and croissants that were far away. Ian went to a local store to grab some snacks and donuts for our bus ride to Salzburg.

A long bus ride began as we made our way to Salzburg, hitting traffic at the end of the trip but thankfully alongside some beautiful mountains. We arrived later into the night with no maps or direction of our hostel. This was one challenge of having no sim card while traveling.

We asked a receptionist at Hotel Bristol who led us towards the direction of our hostel. At about this point, I realized that I dropped and left my watch on the bus from Trieste to Salzburg. I filed a claim for the lost and found but we shall await if any good news will come.

We went into the city center to grab food, which we were lucky to find at about 10:30pm. Luckily someone let us sit down to only order off their pizza menu but that worked for us. We saw outside in the city center and relaxed after a long day of travels.

Total Distance: 3.7 miles

Day 12 (September 16th): With a good nights rest, we went down the street to grab breakfast at a local cafe. A coffee and croissant was a good way to start off a day full of walking. We started off walking through a large park that overlooked the city of Salzburg. There were monuments and castles along the way throughout this park.

We headed on our way to check out some more parks along the city's area. We stopped for a burger to rest our legs and enjoy some fuel for our walking. Then we walked through two parks which one laid next to a pond.

Our way back was walking alongside the river that cut through Salzburg. This was a beautiful walk back seeing the buildings and trees throughout the city. We stopped at some monumental places where Mozart was born and resided in the city.

To end the night, we each grabbed some food by local take out restaurants to bring back to our hostel. We ate outside, watched a lightning storm and relaxed close to our place.

Total Distance: 11.9 miles

Day 13 (September 17th): We didn't have the best night sleep as some of our roommates snored and farted to no end. We started our morning by going to a breakfast spot in a mall that had eggs, bacon and vegetables with toast. The first true breakfast in my opinion that we have had in a while.

We then headed towards the bus stop to take a ride to Munich.


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