• Brendan Cutuli

The Warsaw Uprising

Day 19 (September 23rd): While traveling through Poland from Czech Republic, I viewed some beautiful forests and hills throughout the southern parts of Poland. Some narrows roads brought in a bumpy and windy drive in some parts of this drive.

After 10 hours on the bus, I met my friend Gabby in Warsaw where she has family. We took public transportation to arrive at her aunt and uncles place in Warsaw. I met her whole family as I arrived, yet everyone only spoke Polish besides her mother. This is nothing new to me as I have been through 4 countries already that I haven't been able to speak the same language.

I settled my belongings before joining the family for dinner. We ate sweet and savory crepes for dinner, which brought light to my face as my mother made these for me throughout my life. While listening to the family chat about the food, my travels and what Gabby and I's plans are, I enjoyed some delicious food.

With no set plans for our travels, we sat down to plan out what our route would be moving forward. We scheduled some AirBnB's for down the road but mostly found what we could do in the next few days within Warsaw. We drank tea and relaxed for the rest of my first night with Gabby's family in Warsaw.

Total Distance: 1.1 miles

Day 20 (September 24th): With a great night sleep after a day full of travel, I woke up well rested before starting the day. I headed downstairs to eat some crepes, bread and meat while the family was chatting over coffee and tea. We hung out for a bit before Gabby's mother took a plane back to the states.

We headed into the Old Town of Warsaw to see some of the unique buildings and streets of the city. We mostly walked around the area while chatting about anything and everything since we graduated college last month. We found a WWII exhibit outside on the street that we stopped by to read about.

We grabbed some lunch at a nearby shop before we were going to make our way back to her aunt and uncles place. We met a guy named Gautham who was traveling from the states for a conference about sexuality. It was refreshing to see that he was meandering about to just strike up a conversation with anyone speaking English.

We made it back to the house to eat some soup and stuffed bread for dinner while sharing stories of the past. We spent some time planning our next few days to see what kind of route our future would entail. Like always, it's best to make plans last minute. You never know what kind of spark will come up within your mind while traveling.

Total Distance: 4.5 miles

Day 21 (September 25th): I woke up after a great sleep to grab some tea and eat crepes and bread to start my day. We had no rush in our day of plans besides going to one or two museums within the city. We wanted to learn more about Warsaw, what they endured and what inspired them to keep fighting for their city.

We headed to the Warsaw Uprising Museum which brought about insights of WWII but focused on the courage, inspiration and discipline of those fighting to sustain Warsaw during the toughest of times. The Warsaw Uprising only lasted 63 days in 1944 but it was a moment that defined Warsaw and its community.

We spent hours walking through this museum trying to gain as much information as possible about Warsaw and what it faced during WWII. We then headed to the DOLIN Museum of Polish Jewish History. We had absolutely no idea what to expect from this museum or how long it would take.

We spent lots of time initially reading about the history of Poland during the 13 century and before, not realizing how long each exhibit was. We only allotted for about two hours of time to get through this museum before it closed. After the first 40 minutes went by, we realized we had only made it to about 1480. We mainly wanted to see more about the times pre and post WWII.

We rushed to get to the right exhibits that we'd be mostly focused on learning and remembering to impact our view of Poland and its history. We were slowly walked out of the exhibit as we skipped over some important parts. We definitely wished we reconsidered how much time we allowed for the museum but our online reference told us about 2-3 hours, which we'd prefer 4-6 hours.

Nevertheless, we headed back to the house to eat some food and rest for the night. We were planning to leave the next day to head to Krakow to continue our travels within Poland. An early night was spent relaxing and eating before getting into bed for a good night's rest.

Total Distance: 3.4 miles

Day 22 (September 26th): I woke up to have two bowls of cereal and tea before packing my belongings to move onwards. We had a 4.5 bus hour ride to Krakow around mid day to look forward to. I hung out and packed alongside watching some TedxTalks to start my morning.

We hopped on the bus at the station in Warsaw for a quick ride to Krakow. It would've felt much quicker if the seats were more comfortable. This was definitely the most uncomfortable ride I've had with FlixBus, even compared to my 10 hour bus ride.


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