• Brendan Cutuli

Tschüss Germany

Day 36 (October 10th): I arrived in Augsburg off my train from Nurnberg in quick fashion. I had a 30 minute walk over to my AirBnB, which went by fast. I met my host, Kanu, who was a gracious host and welcomed me with open arms. He was born in Sierra Leone, Africa but moved to Germany 8 years ago. We talked about anything from traveling to family to racism. He was a kind soul that I could've chatted with for hours.

I went out for a walk to get my legs moving after the travel earlier throughout the day. I got lost along the way but finally found a park after some navigating. It ended up being a paved road until a Hydrodam at the end of the park. The Dam generated up to 15kW of power, which is a lot considering its small size.

It was a peaceful walk through the woods before it started pouring pretty heavily. Thankfully, the sun opened up throughout the storm and a double rainbow appeared. It was a wet yet refreshing walk back to the apartment. After a long walk and lots of sun, I laid down without the intention to nap yet it did happen.

I woke up, got changed and walked down the street to find a place to eat. I found a Turkish Restaurant that seemed cheap yet fulfilling. I grabbed a random dish off the menu and it satisfied me to no belief. It was a large plate with salad, fries, kebab meat and bread. It got me nice and ready for a wonderful night's rest.

Total Distance: 11 miles

Day 37 (October 11th): A relaxing morning filled with eating some granola and bananas before changing for the day ahead. I set off to check out the city a bit more and see some more parks around the neighboring areas. I walked along the river and crossed the bridge over to a park, which was gorgeous. I relaxed on the bench to snack and drink some water, as I watched dogs play in the fields together.

Then I went on my way to a park nearby the Zoo and Botanical Garden in Augsburg. This park was incredibly large and full of many trails, ponds and trees. I walked throughout many trails before finding a pond where geese and ducks were swimming in. I sat down to eat some food and watch the animals search for food in the water.

I continued my travels throughout the woods in the park and headed towards the Botanical Garden. Sure enough it was expensive to get into, even though I read it was free admission online. I headed to the city center instead to view some of the churches and monuments in the area. There were so many people sitting outside to have drinks, food and chat within the main center.

I aimlessly walked my way towards the neighborhood I was staying in at my AirBnB. Within these next few minutes, my beanie fell out of my sight on my bag as I was walking. I noticed a little later and tried to trace my steps back but with no luck. Sure enough, this is item #2 I have misplaced along my travels.

I made it back to the apartment to rest my legs and figure out what I would be doing for dinner, along with packing my bags for tomorrow. I decided to go to the grocery store to buy food for dinner and the following days in Switzerland. I cooked a substantial amount so I could have leftovers for the next day and have some more items to cook throughout my stay in Zurich, Switzerland.

Total Distance: 9.9 miles

Day 38 (October 12th): I woke up fairly early to eat some breakfast before packing up all my food to leave the AirBnb. I gave Kanu a warm goodbye and wished him the best on his future endeavors. I made my way to the train station to relax before my 5 hour train ride through Stuttgart to Zurich, Switzerland.


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