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Una Bellissima Costa

Day 7 (September 11th): After a two hour train ride on a warm regional train from Venezia to Trieste, we had a 25 minute walk to our AirBnB. The walk took a bit longer than 25 minutes. Our AirBnB sat atop a large hill within the city that we had trouble navigating around due to a large highway cutting through the area.

We eventually arrived at our place to meet our host who graciously explained all that Trieste had to offer. With beautiful views of the coastline and towns built into the hills, we loved our first impression of Trieste. An exhausting day of travels left us happy to relax at our place for the night. We walked down to a local supermarket to grab groceries to cook for the evening.

Total Distance: 5 miles

Day 8 (September 12th): With a restful sleep in our own apartment, we woke up later in the morning to cook breakfast. Our first morning with eggs, bacon and toast in what seemed to be weeks. Our next intention was to walk and explore around Trieste with no true plans for the day. There are many museums, monuments and beautiful overlooks of the city around the area within a decent walk.

We first walked through the city center by some of the shops and restaurants on our way towards the water. We wanted to walk along one part of the coastline to see the views of the Adriatic Sea. In this attempt, we ended up walking next to many industrial buildings and yards that did not have any water access.

We changed our course to walk in some nature instead of walking the coastline. After walking along a main road, we found a park overlooking parts of Trieste. It was a long walk for a slight view but it was a great exercise to have in seeing the city. We then headed our way back towards our apartment to rest our legs.

We cleaned ourselves up in the shower and some new clothes before heading to a nearby park to watch the sunset through a street view. After the sunset, we ate our leftover pasta and rested in the apartment for the night.

Total Distance: 9 miles

Day 9 (September 13th): Another morning with a late start with breakfast and coffee to start our day. A much needed breakfast to give us some energy for a day of long walking. We aimed for another attempt to walk the coastline but in a different direction.

We stopped at the grocery store to pick up supplies to make our own sandwiches for the day. Our goal was the Miramare Castle which was about 5.5 miles away from our apartment. We headed on a train there in the middle of the day to start off by checking out the views from the Castle.

We relaxed at the Castle to enjoy the views and eat our sandwiches on a bench. Our mission was to walk along the coast back to our apartment while stopping at a beach on the way. There weren't beaches per say but there were boardwalks that had stairs down to the water to swim.

Confusing as to why people would lay and sunbath on concrete but we weren't judging at all, besides all the older topless women freely sunbathing. With this confusion, we found a spot to relax and go for a swim to cool off during our way back to the city.

We made it back to the apartment to shower, change and relax after a long walk back. Our next step was walking back down to the city center to watch the sunset right by the water.

Total Distance: 11.3 miles

Day 10 (September 14th): With little to no breakfast spots besides just coffee and croissants, we took the morning off by just having coffee and granola bars at the apartment. We took a bus towards the northeastern end of Italy to go hike.

We decided to grab some sandwich supplies at a local supermarket for our day. We were headed to a natural reserve called Rosandra Valley on the border of Italy and Slovenia. What a beautiful area of northeastern Italy that we traveled to in order to get a hike in.

With some confusing signage on the trails due to our lack of Italian, we somehow made our way back in a loop with our directional knowledge. It was a hilly reserve that offered beautiful views through the Valley and into the city of Trieste.

We took the bus back to the city in order to rest and enjoy our last night in Trieste. We ended up spending a considerable amount of money to get our laundry done at a nearby laundry mat. It was well worth it though as most of our clothes were sweaty from the warm weather in Italy.

Total Distance: 11.4 miles

Day 11 (September 15th): I woke up after a good nights rest to Ian still sick throughout the night. A combination of some leftover meat and drinks from the previous day that did not sit well within his stomach. We woke up in the early morning with the plan to go to one of the top 15 cafe's in Europe or the world recommended by our AirBnB host. It was not a cafe for breakfast but more for lunch and dinner which we came to find out with a hungry stomach. We grabbed some donuts and snacks instead for our five hour bus ride to Salzburg, Austria.


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