• Brendan Cutuli

Una Boccata D'aria Fresca

Day 3 (September 7th): A train ride from Roma to Firenze was quite the experience. Viewing beautiful hills and playing mini golf over the train wifi filled the two hour train ride.

Firenze was quite the interesting first experience as we had no idea where our hostel was while the streets were filled with travelers. Through communication with others and WiFi, we made our way to our hostel successfully. Plus Florence was a beautiful hostel that offered large rooms, pool, outdoor seating and much more.

The night was enjoyed by a hostel recommendation restaurant across the city, where I indulged upon gnocchi with truffle cream and beef slices. Afterwards we walked a few miles to enjoy the city lights and views at night. A city that was calm and peaceful despite the amount of tourists and locals that were throughout the streets.

Total Distance: 9.8 miles

Day 4 (September 8th): The morning had a late start due to many reasons: exhaustion, late night roommates and a roommate praying early morning. Nevertheless, we met up with Ian's friend from home who is studying in Milan for the semester. We crossed the street to a coffee shop to grab some coffee and croissants. We chatted for about an hour while some rain showers were coming down upon the city.

Our next destination was to head to Piazzale Michaelangelo, a beautiful overlook onto the city of Firenze. What a gorgeous view of the city from the area, with an elegant church sitting atop the hill.

We then headed to a famous panini shop that had a line far out the door but went fairly quick. It was a large panini that certainly filled me up to no comparison of most sandwiches back in the states. We planned to go to museums today, as a source told us they were free but come to find out we were one week late.

Some monuments and statues were viewed and photographed along our travels. Instead of the museums, we went back to the hostel to relax by the pool and chat for a bit in the sun. It was quite a beautiful hostel to refresh ourselves and socialize with other travelers.

Ian and I strolled around town after cleaning ourselves up and we found a brick oven pizza shop to sit outside at. A personal pie went down easily for each of us during a peaceful, cool night in Firenze.

Total Distance: 8.1 miles

Day 5 (September 9th): Another day in Firenze was a great decision for us because we wanted to enjoy Piazzale Michaelangelo again and walk around through some of the gardens around the area. We checked out of the hostel, left our bags there and walked through the city once more.

Sitting by the nature in Firenze overlooking the city was quite the scene. The green spaces and gardens were a unique touch across the river from the city. It was definitely a breath of fresh air to get outside the city that had very few areas of green space.

A local panini shop was enjoyed by the river before crossing over Ponte Vecchio, a famous bridge for shopping. We calmly strolled back through the city to our hostel to grab our bags and head to a new hostel for the night. We relaxed and cleaned up before heading down the street for dinner. The night was capped with linguine with clams, mussels, octopus and cuttlefish; delizioso.

Total Distance: 8.9 miles


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