• Brendan Cutuli

Vast Green Land

Day 41 (October 15th): After a few hour bus ride, I made it to Bern which was experiencing some rainfall as I arrived. It was only drizzling initially so I said why not? Let's go for a walk and see what is around the city. I made my way to a Botanical Garden when it started to downpour heavily. A woman told me there was some cover underneath one of the buildings where I sat for about an hour. I then walked through the rain to my hostel to check in.

I hung out in my hostel for a bit to continue my plans for the next week. I scrapped some initial plans in order to make more time to visit Innsbruck, Austria. After a bit of planning, I grabbed my things and headed out into the city of Bern. It was still drizzling a bit but they had some covered walkways throughout the city center. I stopped at a grocery store to prepare for the next few days.

I went back to the hostel to organize my food and place it in the fridge. I then snacked on some food and dinner while I did some work on my laptop in the dining room. I chatted with friends and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Total Distance: 5 miles

Day 42 (October 16th): I relaxed in the morning, ate breakfast and posted some pictures from my laptop. I packed up my lunch for the day and went out to hike in Bern. I headed towards a more remote mountain to get a more peaceful view of the Alps. There were some vehicle roads and thin, wet trails to make it to the summit. But was the walk/hike worth every bit of effort.

I sat on the side of the hill to stare out into the Alps mountain range for a few hours. The only other people on the mountain was an older couple with two young children. It was such an amazing time out on the mountain to start my day. I ate lunch, listened to music and watched the young boy fly his remote plane.

Then I headed towards a more touristy mountain with a cable car to get to the top. I made my way through a remote village before heading up the trails to the summit. Once I reached the top, it seemed like the Alps blew up in my face compared to where I originally was. I walked off trail towards the side of a hill to be by myself. I sat there for a bit to stare into the wonders of the Alps.

I trekked myself all the way back down the mountain and back to my hostel. Along the hike down, I found a cat that hopped right onto my lap to relax. It was a fairly easy walk back to my hostel from this point on. The sun beamed down onto the city and monuments along my walk back.

I snacked on some food from the grocery store and made myself a sandwich for dinner. I relaxed for the rest of the night to give my legs a break. I packed up most of my belongings for my trip to Nyon the next day.

Total Distance: 13.8 miles

Day 42 (October 17th): I slept in fairly late because I had a mid day train and packed most of my stuff the night before. I checked out of my room and went to the dining area to eat breakfast. Then I went towards the train station to head to Nyon, a town on Lake Geneva.


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